Stalworth Recovery’s unique approach is centered in individualized programs for our residents. The way we do that is through the time honored, proven method of human connection. Our staff is filled with responsible, accountable men who all have all recovered from their own addiction related wreckage to build new, fruitful lives for themselves. We’ve found that our diverse and professional staff is more than capable of handling even the most difficult of residents. Stalworth works because we have the ability to relate on an interpersonal level where others cannot. We’ve come to say it is “an easy place to breathe.”


Our Approach to Addiction Recovery


Our approach to Sober Living and combating addiction is unique. While everyone says that because it sounds good, not many stop to think about what that really means. It’s unique because it’s built around the individual. By our standards, it first involves getting to know someone. We want to build trust with each client and a rapport that encourages honesty and involvement. Leading by example is only accomplished if the people expressing it are understood by those attempting to absorb something. We try our best to construct an environment or system that must be “plugged” into. There are things that are proven to work in fighting addiction and ways of creating accountability and balance, but there is not some perfect community that all someone has to do is say yes to. Everyone needs something different and everyone needs to feel understood and involved. We want to get to know someone and then build a way of living that will be sustainable and productive whenever that person leaves us. A common adage in the Los Angeles addiction treatment industry, but one that we try to subscribe to, is the only thing that should change when a successful client leaves us is their address.


Recovery Through Connection


Building connections in addiction and alcoholism recovery is not easy, even in Los Angeles, and so patience and empathy are two things that are paramount for each staff member at Stalworth Sober Living to have a lot of. We strongly subscribe to the concept that staff is the single most vital and determining factor in this kind of work. We have put a lot of focus and energy into cultivating a staff that will be able to handle a wide variety of clients and their personalities. We make sure no staff member approaches a client from a punitive place or with the idea that just because they are further along the road of sobriety, that they are somehow qualified to command someone else’s life. We attempt only to share our experiences, build relationships and offer advice. Community is the inevitable side effect of these things and the subsequent glue that holds it all together.


Safe Housing


At the end of the day we are a sober living, which essentially means safe housing. We hold people accountable, we encourage traits and aspects of living that we have found to be useful and we try to shed light on the balance and joy that can be had in a life free of addiction. We exist to attempt to translate sobriety into the “real “ world by way of practice, connection and awareness. Change on a scale like this is never easy and it’s never overnight. We attempt to be a conduit for that change by grounding it in experience, investment and hope. Recovery from Addiction and Alcoholism is possible.


The choice to address a major change in life is rare and difficult. The necessary adjustments that accompany this enormous decision may foster deep rooted emotional discomfort, and no one person’s struggle mirrors another’s. However, more often than not, it is the commonalities shared with peers and a strong support system coupled with a mindful, compassionate environment that initiates a willingness to traverse the winding roads of change without the presence of fear. Our approach at Stalworth Sober Living is to provide the individual with a space where the parameters of change may be embraced and not dismissed. We know that your path to change has yet to be fully revealed, and our goal is to provide every resident with the tools and living space needed to navigate each portion of their journey successfully.