The Return of Humble Pie!

By Andrew Shapiro  /  March 23, 2017
Humble Pie is back with two of our very own making a special guest appearance on the Bad Lucc's Cookout podcast last week. Chef Tony was the featured guest and your's truly got to hop on a mic around the 45-50 minute mark. This seems to be the beginning of a beautiful on-air team - more on this tomorrow. We are extremely pumped to make this announcement, and I'll leave it at that.   Enjoy it, family. Andrew   Andrew Shapiro is the Creative Director and After Care Director for Stalworth Recovery. Questions, comments, feedback? E-mail him at andrews@stalworthrecovery.com.
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Why go to a Sober Living?

By Michael  /  March 11, 2017
In the past decade we in the treatment and recovery industry have seen Sober Livings take a far more prominent role than they have ever historically. There was a time when sober living meant you paid rent and someone was going to be by at some point to drug test you, maybe there was a live in manager to make sure everyone was home for curfew if there was one. These day we have a far broader spectrum. While at the core all sober living houses primarily offer safe housing there is now a much broader spectrum. The level of...
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Daily Humble Pie: Blue Raspberry

By Andrew Shapiro  /  January 17, 2017
Blue Raspberry is Back! Good evening, Stalworth Recovery family! Welcome back to the Daily Humble Pie blog! We have the same host, and the same the message. The flavor profile is one you may recall from previous posts. However, this flavor's molecular build up is engineered to ensure a new sensation each time you eat it. Our Blue Raspberry slices give a different point of view to traditional recovery. They do not eschew the proven solutions, but rather expand on the core themes of those methods. Grab your proverbial knife and fork, and dig in! How Much Emotion is Too Much?...
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Daily Humble Pie: Banana Cream

By Andrew Shapiro  /  January 7, 2017
Friday Night Banana Cream Delight Good evening, family! Welcome back to Stalworth's Recovery Daily Humble Pie Recovery Blog. We're coming at you live and direct from our flagship sober living atop the hills of Bel Air in Los Angeles, CA. Tonight we're serving banana cream humble pie. Ideally it will be sweet, delicious, and give you the fuel to take your recovery one day further.  Our banana cream's ingredients are a secret, but they are chock full of recovery rich nourishment. Failure is Not an Option If you're truly fighting for your recovery, you know that your life depends on...
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Daily Humble Pie: Pumpkin

By Andrew Shapiro  /  December 30, 2016
Pumpkin Humble Pie - Time to make some resolutions! Good evening, family! We're midway through the crux of the holiday season, and by now you're probably getting ready to make some over the top, unattainable resolutions for the new year. This slice of Daily Humble Pie, baked at Stalworth Recovery's flagship sober living in the hills of Bel Air, will hopefully give you a different viewpoint to tap into when you're making goals for 2017. When finding sustainable recovery, we take it a day a time. The same process applies for setting and reaching achievable goals. Slow and steady wins the race, family. Here are some nuggets of content...
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Humble Pie: Baking Music Volume II

By Andrew Shapiro  /  December 21, 2016
Happy Holidays, family! Before we hit you with some Pumpkin Humble Pie for the holidays, here's some baking music to tide you over. Put on your smoking jacket, grab a cup of gourmet beans, and sit down by the fire. Let the music cure what ails or you or make the bright even brighter. Before we recap old tunes, here's some new baking music to feed your ear buds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWty2EYE-3I Wale feat. Bun B, "Mirrors" Journalist 103, "Dreamer" Phantasm, "Back to Basics" Banana Cream Vince Staples, "Nate" Eligh, "Find Yourself" Passion Fruit Homeboy Sandman, "Whatchu Want From Me" Beneficence feat....
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