Eugene Williams



Born in New York City and now firmly entrenched in Southern California, Gene brings a relatable, sage, and wholly unique dynamic to Stalworth as our Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Gene manages all monetary aspects of the client’s treatment plan either directly with the client or through the appropriate family members. Through his expansive knowledge of the recovery industry, Gene has an innate ability to put a client’s well being at the forefront of all treatment based discussions. This has allowed him to manage the Stalworth Scholarship Program for qualified clients, and to be intimately involved in all aspects of those clients recovery. In addition to his core responsibilities as CFO, Gene manages the on-going initiative to provide quality, unique experiences for our residents via outings to sporting events, camping/skiing weekends.


Michael Lozovik

COO / Program Director


Michael has been involved in the recovery community for over a decade. He was a resident, and later a counselor at a prominent Treatment Center in Culver City. He followed this position by running a sober living house in Santa Monica for several years. He is exceptionally intelligent, highly organized and is unequivocally committed to the success of clients both inside and outside of the Stalworth walls. To call his road to recovery “inspiring” would be an injustice – Mike has faced adversity in all forms and has found a unique, relatable, and beautiful way to present his journey. He has an affinity for working with dual diagnosis clients as well as the traditional substance abuse addicts, as he is able convey his message to anyone struggling with the disease. He is personable, invested and intent on seeing others find a similar path to growth and change.


Jordan Light



Jordan has been a full time member of the professional recovery community ever since he got sober at the age of 22. After graduating from a prominent sober living in Santa Monica, he stepped into the role of a staff member with unprecedented ease. As Assistant Program Director, he specialized in his house’s resident relations and family communications for a little over three and a half years. Jordan connected with clients on a personal level, and carried that over into being a highly sought after mentor for those who had finished their stay at Transcend. He excels especially with dual diagnosis clients and when a position at a local outpatient program opened up, Jordan took on the role of Client Services Representative as a chance to learn from a renowned clinician and became integral in many interventions and client interactions.


Chip McCaw

Director of Development


Chip is what we affectionately refer to as “the glue” of our operation. He has a calming and balanced demeanor that clients are instantly drawn to, and he uses this invaluable trait to consistently provide a recovery solution that is always devoid of self-will and ego. Chip’s story reads like an Oscar-winning script. During the nineties he competed in the Olympics as a volleyball player, but fell into a crippling cocaine habit in following years. He has now re-discovered purpose, and has built a life up from the wreckage that many can aspire to emulate. He splits his time working on the facility as a licensed contractor, doing shifts with clients and assisting Jordan with business development opportunities. He is a man who everyone wants by their side in times both good and bad, and his consistently compassionate demeanor simply makes everything feel more manageable.


Anthony Stemley

Executive Chef

Stalworth Recovery is proud to offer the services of our Executive Chef, Anthony Stemley as a part of our in-house experience. Affectionately known as “Chef Tony,” our community anticipates his weekday dinner offerings with baited breath. He is an unequivocal master of his craft, and has previously worked for numerous celebrities as a private chef, at the Ritz Carlton LA, and at Prominence Treatment Center in an executive chef capacity.


Matthew Weiss

Assistant Program Director

A life of chaos and uncertainty shaped Matthew’s childhood. Even with the stark and consistent failures of his parents playing out on a daily basis in front of his eyes, Matt followed suit. Drugs were the only coping mechanism seemingly offered or available to escape a world he did not understand or feel a part of. At age 29 that inexplicable and monumental moment of just asking for help finally happened. What he found next was a world of similarities and safety. People suffering a common plight who for so many reasons sought only peace and a reprieve, gave Matt something he felt he would never find or even knew he needed. From this spirit of acceptance, encouragement and simple understanding came a rebirth and eventually a desire to position himself as someone who could display the patience, understanding, and support needed to show them a better way. Stalworth is Matt’s current vehicle for this purpose. He brings an unwavering reality and conviction to his interactions and excels with tough cases and those blind to the opportunity they are being offered. With faultless passion and tireless investment, Matt chooses to bring opportunity to whoever will have it.